What is Magnetic Water Filtration?

Here’s How You Can Tell if You Have Hard Water in Your Home
April 15, 2019

Hard water is a scourge that affects millions of homes. It’s so common that, when a household is afflicted by it, the people living there might not have any clue that there’s something amiss with their water. Those who do become aware of the ill effects that hard water has had on their bodies and appliances act with great urgency to install some type of water filtration system. Magnetic water conditioners are the latest and greatest innovation to hit the market, and they’ve been met with great enthusiasm.

But what does it mean to use a magnetic water conditioner? How do these conditioners differ from salt water softeners? To learn more about this very subject, continue reading below!

How Does Magnetic Water Filtration Work?

To filter water of minerals that cause hard water, magnetic filtration systems pass the water through powerful neodymium magnets that are located on either side of the incoming pipe. This magnetic process is not said to remove minerals from water, but rather to alter the chemical structure of the minerals themselves. The purpose of this is to keep the minerals from sticking to surfaces and affecting the water that passes through the water line.

Why Do People Choose Magnetic Water Softeners?

The biggest appeal of magnetic water filtration is the lack of chemicals used to purify the water. In the 21st century consumers are becoming increasingly wary of the chemicals associated with anything that they put into their bodies – and rightfully so.

Another draw is the ease of maintenance that comes with the use of magnetic water filtration systems. Salt-based water conditioners will typically need periodic changes or repairs of specific components, which can be both expensive and inconvenient.

The third reason that so many feel compelled to opt in to using magnetic water filtration is the cost. Magnetic water softeners cost substantially less than their salty counterparts. And who doesn’t love to save money?

In all, it is up to each individual consumer to assess their water purification needs and to decide whether or not magnetic water filtration is the solution that will put their woes to bed. You should reach out to a magnetic filtration system retailer or distributor before you take the plunge. An expert will be able to tell you the pros and cons of each filtration system type and how they relate to your unique set of circumstances.

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